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The University St.Kliment Ohridski in Bitola known by the acronym of UKLO is the second state university in Republic of Macedonia and the most important institution in the area of higher education in the region of South-Western Macedonia. The specific heterogeneous educational offer of the University, referring to different scientific disciplines, educating profiles compatible to the labor market, is represented by more than 51 undergraduate study programs and more than 41 postgraduate study programs on 11 higher-educational units: 10 faculties and one higher vocational school.

The structure of UKLO also consists of 3 scientific institutes, unique of their character, and of 2 accompanying units: the University Library and Students’ Residence. (UKLO units)

The University St.Kliment Ohridski in Bitola plays a significant role compared to other universities in our country. The University center is in Bitola, where as the higher-educational and scientific units are situated in many centers: Bitola, Prilep, Ohrid, Skopje, Kichevo, Veles…having dispersed study programs in Struga, Veles, Kichevo, Bitola and other places.

The dedication to educating young people defined in the mission and vision of the University is one common thing in the pluralistic environment of this kind.

The University St.Kliment Ohridski in Bitola attracts approximately 3000 new students annually and the total number of students during the recent years remains continuously about 13.000. (UKLO facts and figures)

The almost three decades’ continuous development of UKLO described on the pages of the history of the University, represents one constant search for the individual, specific identity which at the beginning of this century is affirmed through the sintagma OPEN, INTEGRATED IN THE ENVIRONMENT, ACTIVE PARTNER OF THE SOCIAL-ECONOMIC PROCESSES, PREPARED TO FACE THE NEW CHALLENGES IN EDUCATION AND SCIENCE IN AN INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE.

Based on the fact that this higher-educational institution plays a significant role in the academic and scientific world, UKLO is driven by the key terms in running the university policy and strategy: contemporary, flexible study programs, transparent organizational structure (organizational scheme), dynamic human resource management, active policy of social integration, creation of strong relations between the University and the business sector, support of new initiatives, stress on internationalization (international relations) and implementation of quality culture in all segments of the university functioning. (UKLO, quality).